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About Us

 Zaino | Our Story 


We are an Aussie family business with a European background. Before moving back to Australia, we loved to travel around the world to explore big cities but to also discover the hidden gem towns in the countryside. In 2013, we landed in Sydney and decided to backpack around Australia for a while. Quite often, the best parts were those city walks or nature hikes in those unknown and unplanned stops that turned into now our life long memories.



Moving forward, we established ourselves in Melbourne in 2017 and the dream of starting our own business derived from our adventurous experiences. 'Zaino' which means backpack in Italian, is our contribution to Down Under to access a selection of some of the most unique and full of charm canvas and leather backpacks. Just like the ones that accompanied us on our travels when we fell in love with Australia.😍 That is how was born.

Our mission

At Zaino, our mission is to offer the best travel companion that a true explorer could ask for: a reliable, stylish and functional backpack.🎒  


Our vision

Our vision is to be the first brand in the mind of our customers when it comes to canvas and leather backpacks travel bags with a vintage and retro style and providing the most memorable online shopping experience.🚚📦🏠